Addresses and phone numbers (from US dial 011 before the phone number):

Office in La Sabana:

100 South Mc Donalds in La Sabana, white building second floor Telephone: (506) 232-0105 / (506) 232-1872

Office in Santa Ana:

In the Boulevard Mall cornerback Lindora Clinic, second floor Telephone: (506) 203-4646 / (506) 203-4747 Cell: (506) 828-9130

Located in the most luxurious areas of San Jose, near the airport (near the US Embassy and the residence of the Ambassador of that country), the Dental Clinics Dr. Anglada offer modern dental equipment for their patients, as Panoramic X-ray image and computer-scanned explanation of treatments, glasses to watch movies during dental treatment, air conditioning, air filters, sterilization systems (autoclaves) approved by the ADA and the FDA, and ample parking. Near this area there are places (from "Bed and Breakfast" to Hotels Five Star) to stay while dental treatment is performed.